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IAGA Division VI is an international community of geophysicists and our research interests include all aspects of electromagnetic induction in the Earth. We have organized for over four decades a very successful series of biennial workshops attended by 250-350 or more scientists, where there is a special focus on the training of students and junior researchers.

If you are interested in these aspects of earth sciences, we cordially invite you to become affiliated with us.

Please fill in the registration form below to apply for membership with IAGA Division VI. Membership with IAGA Division VI is free. Fields marked with (*) are required fields.

We expect all scientists (students, postdocs, senior, retired) working in the field of EM induction in the Earth to register as full members, particularly if you have been attending or planning to attend one of our workshops.

If you are interested in what we do but have a different research focus or if your main affiliation within IUGG is not IAGA you can still apply for guest membership.

If you would like to join your partner or visit one of our workshops without much interest in the science, you can register as guest only for the upcoming EMIW workshop. Please note, this option is NOT suitable for students or young scientists intending to apply for financial support.

When completing the form please note, first name is also known as given name or forename, while last name is also known as family name or surname.

To keep our member directory coherent, we limit the number of registrations to one entry per member. You are known to the system by your email address (not by name). Please contact us by email if you would like to register a new email address.

You can add a photo to your profile, which is visible to registered members of IAGA division VI after they have logged in. You can change / remove this photo at any time. A photo encourages familiarity and putting a face to a name (or email) adds the human touch. Please do not upload avatars or other artistic expressions. Advertisements, logos of companies or organizations, etc. are not permitted and will be removed.

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An email will be send to you after filling in the registration form and pressing the Create Profile Now button. You must follow the link provided in this email to verify your email address and to complete registration!